Shavon Bonnie Legion - Electric in a Sphere

in dsound •  5 months ago


I got a lighter that just wont light,
I got a cigarette and I just had a fight,
I'm not feeling myself tonight,
and I dont know where im going,

I got a headache that just wont quit,
all these boxes that I dont fit,
to many choices for where I should sit,
and I dont know where im going,

Knock, Knock im not answering,
tell the world im not here,
I changed my mind,
dont leave me behind,
I'm Electric in a Sphere,
fast trains and airplanes,
take me to the pier,
I changed my mind, cant hit rewind,
im electric in a sphere,

I got a problem that I cant solve,
I got a body that wont dissolve,
I live in a question that I cant revolve,
and I do not know where im going,


I got a mountain that I got to climb,
I got a guitar and I got a rhyme,
I got a home here, and you can remind,
but I still dont know where im going

Thanks for listening to my original music
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Shavon Bonnie Legion

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Beautiful music and lyrics..

Wow very wonderful dsound-original music post.very nice my dear best friend.

good lyrics I like it

Wao bonnie such a fabulous lyrics...very wonderful music...great background music...voice are so impressive....i really like it...thanks for sharing..

Lyrics look indie

Your song is great.I love your are very intelligent artist

I read your song your writing is very good.