Bonnie Legion Feat. Majik - Eden going Hiroshima

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Original Lyric Song: Eden Going Hiroshima Mashup Production using Lana Del Rey Carmen Instrumental Unofficial Release Artists: Shavon Bonnie Legion & Majik AKA @soundlegion Bonnie & Clyde Legion Multi Genre

Don't take me for granted
I'm a sinner under granite
and when all breaks loose I am coming after you

I don't need your permission
no, you don't need my submission
I can burn through chains and cages
with the touch of my hand

somethings coming
heard me humming undercover
got that James Dean silhouette
baby in the bag

parked up on the curb
people shouting like they heard
we were something supernatural
and it makes me laugh

this aint no garden of Eden
I'm in a gadda da Vida
you got them snake eyes
somewhere God cries
Eden going Hiroshima

do you know whats going on
murder in the red dawn
uncle sam is selling you a slice
of his apple pie

an old man told me to respect his generation, I told him to respect mine, we're still dealing with what you left behind, so don't back in the day me and ask me why I've been acting so crazy, bye bye, by the way, I'm tryna live my life the way that its meant to be, don't treat me like a number, its a long way down, let the song play out, let the truth cut them like a saw blade now, when it all blows up in your face, mum said play nice, these are war games, looking for a warm place to rest my head, no faith left, god is dead, there are no heroes, the bomb is dropped on paradise, the fucking garden of Eden is ground zero.

pretty little baby got to sleep go to sleep
mammas gonna make everything alright,
wait until the morning and you'll see you'll see
somethings gonna change
somethings gonna change
somethings gotta change


your the only one whose as fucked up as me
your the only one whose as fucked up as me
tell the whole world, I want everyone to see,
when the demons cry and the angels bleed,
your the only one whose as fucked up as me
your the only one whose as fucked up as me
tell the whole world, I want everyone to see
your the only one whose as fucked up as me

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different, innovative, unique, full of maturity and feeling, excellent combination of voices and good music combination, a work done by people who know how to make music. Greetings.

I wouldn't take the apple pie that uncle Sam is offering cus he is probably fucked up too. Good song Bonnie @soundlegion.

Wow very interesting dsound-original music post. I like it your great full post . thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

A great sad song. Thanks, touches for the soul.

Wao sir very fantastic song.....i really like this type song...great voice...heart touching song... Amazing sound....thanks for sharing dear...