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What is DSound?

DSound is a music sharing application powered by the Steem blockchain. Here, musicians can discover, upload, listen and reward music published on a decentralized (IPFS) network.

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Share your Music! - DSound is an empowering forum to discover incredible sound art, podcasters and new musicians of all backgrounds. For this contest we want to listen in on what you've published on the blockchain. Share your DSounds in the comment section, below!

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Today, our curation team will browse the comment section of this post looking for creative and thoughtful favorites. What kinds of sounds did you publish this week? Share your DSound link in the comment section, below.

Please also include a short 1-2 sentence description of your discovery. Not just links ;)

  • First Place = 75% @sndbox upvote
  • Second Place = 50%
  • Third Place = 25%

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Just uploaded my first ever track onto DTube, hope you can give it a listen and enjoy it!


Hey @sndbox team! I uploaded my new release today called "Reality Check", which was released on 20th December 2018. This is the third track of the EP, which depicts the feeling you get after you've reached rock bottom and you have thought about your situation.

At this point, you know where you are and what you need to do to get out of it as you take a reality check - you're primed and ready for the tests that lie ahead. I am also trying out a new steem wordpress plugin thanks to @sagescrub which allows people to buy things using steem on the website, which is awesome!

Anyway, here's my dsound track submission :)



I am so glad you are enjoying the WooCommerce Steem Payment Method plugin @nickhavey!


I left a review on the plugin too now man! Happy new year to you!

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Excellent! Thank you! Happy new year :)


Congratulations @nickyhavey! You've received the third place upvote this week :)

Thanks for participating in the @dsound contest! Awesome one bro


Amazing! Thanks a lot @zord189! Glad you enjoyed it 😊

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Amazing d&b keep the great music coming!


Thanks a lot Roger! I will do man, not going to be stopped this year 😀

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First of all, good night, here I present my first rap improvisation, freestyle, I will record daily an improvisation, to show that the practice makes the master, compare this first day in the next 2 months, make a level comparison.

Some time ago I was a rapper, but I gave it up because it seemed useless to me, with time I understood that the only useless thing is me for thinking so closed, now I have returned but with more power. I missed hip-hop, I started practicing again this month. Even a while ago I recorded the second one that I will go up later.


Congratulations @@@purapapita! You've received the second place upvote this week :)

Thanks for participating in the @dsound contest! If you haven't already. Swing by our Discord and say hello https://discord.gg/MacHHF9

all in all this is a really useful and terrific idea ! I'll try to share my EDM/progressive house tracks there then

hi @sndbox ! thanks for the oportunity, here are two tracks of my EP called descubrimiento.
descubrimiento means discovery, in this EP i talk with the music, i talk about my jurney to achieve self awareness, i talk about the situation that my country is facing right now, i try to spread some love.

Descubrimiento EP is a mix of Soul, hiphop, funk and jazz.

I really hope you like it!