The Music and Money Show - Interview Replay with Steem Monster's @yabapmatt

in dsound •  4 months ago

Alrighty then! If you missed it live here is your chance to hear it now. Check out my interview with steem monster's co-creator @yabapmatt.

In this episode we discuss..

  • Steem Monsters and the updates about to be released
  • A blockchain soft consensus and how he leveraged it
  • Smart Media Tokens
  • The Power of the Steem Blockchain

Listen to it all now and don't forget to check out the Music and Money Show on MSPWaves Radio Tuesdays 4pm EDT.

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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I was actually only in West Palm for two days buddy, but I'm thinking about heading down for labor day. Are you doing anything for labor day?


No plans, actually going to home and in town for a change. Just lounging. Let me know if you come down.

Thanks for the replay. Will listen tomorrow at my leisure. :-)Kitten-Playing-With-Butterflies-Icon.png

I continue to be amazed by the flexibility and scalability of the #STEEM blockchain. Considering the upcoming Hard Fork 20 and the deployment of SMTs, I cannot see how it does not get back into the Top 20 list no matter what the market does. With developers supporting great project to engage then community like Steem Monsters, it will be a great platform to build on. It was great hearing this live and engaging with the chat on Discord.


Yeah, steem flying under the radar still somehow.