Sirian Sound Sojourn

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Release all levels and stages Release all books and pages Release the mind There are no names and no ages There is only this journey This deep stillness is moving beyond light speed The portal is unknowable For there is no need to know In deed, in word, and in presence We Journey together beyond all constraints To a place of perfection We journey to what is not known

Let us cease our game playing
And openly experience this journey
There is no objective
There is no mission
There is no purpose
There is only this journey
There is only this spaciousness
There is only this quiet knowing that allows everything to be

Let us enjoy this spaciousness
Let us be vast and open
In our openness we are capable of experiencing everything
Let us experience everything
Experience everything that we were meant to
Let us open up to something beyond what we expect
The great space in our hearts is a container
A container great enough to hold all things
Great enough to hold everything and still be empty and spacious

We enjoy timelessness
There is nowhere left to be
All places are contained in this vast eternity
It takes no time at all to be where we already are
And we are already here
In this wide open space
It takes no time at all to be already where we are
There is no past, aside from what is remembered now
There is no future, aside from what is remembered now
From this wide open space we journey to all places and all times

This is our experience
This is our opportunity
This is our life to open up to
The journey is this ever unfolding even unknowing moment
This journey is this mote of perception
Which is witness to every change and every detail
The life is this aliveness
Continually streaming through our eyes and ears
The life is this beauty and stillness
That we are inexplicably capable of perceiving

This is the great gift we have been given

And is is my small gift to remind you once again
That you have come on this journey
To inhabit your spaciousness once again

With great gratitude and stillness
I am PhillyC of the great sea of stars
It’s my pleasure to serve
And it’s my pleasure to be

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