A good time to be celebrating! When is the stag? I'm curious of what's going to happen 😁 on to listening to your track now!

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It's beginning of September so not long now! The stag is in full training mode so he will be wiped out most weekends until the stag weekend 😁

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How are you feeling about it being so close??? In this track I can definitely feel the excitement.

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Well it's starting to feel a bit more real now! Very excited for the big day, a special day of celebration for sure :)

Great track! Most fitting! Pun intended 😛

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Hahaha! Very good meuf, very good 😁

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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


Happy cake for days for the dezzie! Best wishes to your brother...btw your music is wonderful! ❤️- serena
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Thank you so much @helpiecake and @paintingangels! I love the cake 😁

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Best wishes for a beautiful wedding and happy life to the groom and bride!

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Thank you so much Cindy! Still a few months away yet but it will quickly come round I'm sure!

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uh...sir mean you didn't GET to be involved with any alcohol. You need to get your priorities straight. lol. The weddings over with by now I suppose, how did that go?

No the wedding isn't until November but we were just getting started with the warm up party. Got our measurements for the suits we'll be wearing and then some become inebriated very quickly after!

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oh! I thought you already had the bachelers party. Sorry my mistake. Well if they got that smashed at the warmup party I can't wait to hear about the real one!

The stag party is less than a month away now so that is going to be very interesting/I'll be on guard duty looking after my brother

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ok..with his permission or by his request?

He needs it

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Oh I see. He needs it so you are taking it upon yourself to do it, very noble of you sir nickyhavey!

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