[Liquid Drum & Bass] Nicky Havey - No More (Coming Soon)

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Some of you may recognise the vocal of this one (although it's a home made sound clip from a website called acapellas4u) - there's an SBI available for the first person to correctly guess in the comment below which song it's from originally!

I think I'll be releasing this one later in the year perhaps (although I have said that about pretty much every track I've uploaded LOL) but it is nice to be back in the realms of 174BPM land (this is how it sounds like @simplymike haha) having had a full weekend of life at around 140-145BPM as I explored the Trance genre a lot more! So much so that I have a feeling I'll be diving in to it a lot more in the future which spurred on a massive update on all my platforms from steem to choon to facebook, twitter and my website with the latest wording, pictures and thank goodness I got rid of that damn old picture that was polluting your screens the last couple of years haha!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one

Take it easy


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Hahaha... you're quite a daredevil, using the vocals of that track.

I'm definitely not proud of it, but I grew up in the 90s, so it wasn't even that hard. :0)
I can still hear What Is Love by Haddaway playing through the speakers at the ice skating ring... What a terrible decade to be a teenager, lol

Haha the vocals are quite iconic aren't they? I didn't know whether to class this as a remix or original as the vocals are from an acapella site and I think it's just some guy in his bedroom singing it rather than the original vocals haha. Would have loved that female vocal though from the original but couldn't find it anywhere. Alas.

I grew up in the 90s as well but I was surprised you never heard Happiness Happening which was an icon of trance.

Anyway, that was probably the easiest SBI you've ever earned 🤣 sent to you now

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I only got into trance in 1997, and skipped the 'regular' trance - part entirely to end up in the goatrance scene instantly. I don't really know a lot of trance tracks....

You might be right about it being just a random guy... lol.
In my opinion, it's definitely a remix - It took me about 10 seconds to recognize the original... long before the vocals appeared. :0)

i'm a sucker for remixes. I love them, provide they are good, of course. There are so many psytrance remixes of pop and rock songs I could throw a party with only those, lol.

And ehm... 174 is copletely different from what I expected, LMAO. I guess i expected a heavy base going super-super fast

Sounds like we started in different spaces. I got in the around 1999 and found a love for Ministry of Sound for that 5 years but only the last few months (and particularly last week) got in to the other variants of the genre. Subtle yet different.

Haha yea it would probably be a safer bet as a remix but I didn't get any copyright strikes when I uploaded this on to my YouTube channel as a remix for a few years so it must be different enough! That's my measure anyway 😂

Oh yes I love a good old trance or dnb remix of a classic when it's done right!

There are some genres of dnb that do exactly what you say but you won't find too much (if any) of that here. I like things on the more melodic side

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I didn't get any copyright strikes when I uploaded this on to my YouTube channel

Then YouTube doesn't know its music, lol

Well, actually, here's a link to an explanation I made as to why I will be fine uploading this and releasing it as it's not technically a remix :)

YouTube apparently does know haha

Hello nicky, I'm half blind tonight so I can't read your post, you will forgive me, won't you?

No more

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So you're not Christian then?

No sir

Then you are a dastardly dastard, and that's the end of it...

Baby don't hurt me

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Don't worry, the vampire moon has passed and you're safe now

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Ah wow thanks @c-squared! I wasn't expecting this one to be shared around at all actually haha! Stay awesome hey 🙌

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Ha I know that vocals as I am a 90's kid. I just don't know the name of the song until now. I was more into grunge music back then.

Haha they are quite memorable hey! Oh you were in to grunge? You like the Offspring? I liked a few of their tracks from Ixnay on the Hombre

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Oh yea! Angst filled, angry and depressed generation kind of music lol. Nirvana, Pearjam, Alice in Chains. Offspring is more of punk alternative rock but they are cool. Do it to me baby aha aha lol. I still listen to Offspring included in my 90's playlist. These day there aren't anymore bands like these. Music changes along with the generation.

Ooh you'd like some of the heavier stuff that @foxyspirit is in to as well. She likes her rock heavy 😁 you're right though, seems to be a cult of music the like we may not see again for a while but I think music goes in cycles, like the Olympic rings, they move forward with each ring

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Putting your music in with the heavy stuff makes for great music. Just like that one...kneel Before Me by Slander. 😁

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Well I need to learn hardstyle in the next 8 days for the Blockchain Music Contest and that's going to go really far out of my comfort zone as I never really liked that genre haha! But don't knock it til you try it... So I better try it 😁

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Great to see you being so productive!

Thanks man! I'm on a mission!

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