[Trance] Nicky Havey - Nostalgia | (Brand New!)

in dsound •  2 months ago 

I've been really feeling the trance vibes recently and I wanted to throw the kitchen sink at this track, which couldn't be any fresher as I just finished it (5th Aug 2019) and had to complete the "Weekend of Trance" series with a high energy track, taking me back to the good old days when I feeding off the Ministry of Sound vibes from 1999-2004,

I'll release these in an EP later in the year but I hope you enjoy these rough demos in the meantime!

Alternative playback link can be found here and if you wanted to hear the whole Havey Trance collection from this past weekend then I made a dandy little playlist - click the image below to trance out :)


P.S. Sorry for the tag but thought @uwelang @simplymike and @foxyspirit may like to hear the latest trance upload (as I have seen you guys enjoying your trance - hope I have done the genre justice this last few days!)

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Hi bro

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Hey man! Yes I staked from the airdrop I think and have staked whatever I get from post payouts.

What do you mean overseer for dsound? I think I am in a message with you on Discord so can talk more there? There are other music communities that could combine together like creativecoin and sonicgroove with Marlians as well.

There's so much happening at the moment haha!

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There is already https://www.marlians.com/created/creativecoin and i added overseers. I sent you additional 1500 MARLIANS stake but not only you, several others too so their is a higher collective stake to curate dsound posts found on marlians. Yes, i am still setting up, perhaps in a few days for sonicgroove.

Thanks a lot man! I also run the @emalliance account which supports electronic musicians and I've been encouraging the members from our community to use the Marlians tag so if it's possible, can you send some to that account and will stake it as well 🙂

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Loved it loved it loved it!!!!! 💛💛💛💛🔥🔥🔥🔥 I hope the others thing the same too!

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Thank you so much meuf! So glad you love it! Merci beaucoup pour tout te soutien 😊🙌💙

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Omg!!! You spoke french to me!!!! Ca me fait plaisir!!! Des gens comme toi, avec tout un don artistique devrais être reconnu par tous au monde! ☺️

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Oh wow! Merci beaucoup pour les mots géniaux!! Je rougis 😊

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Black hearts are easier to see on Partiko 😁

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Hahahaha! 🌚🌚🖤🖤🖤🖤

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But the faces are pretty tricky lol

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Nice work!

Thanks for sharing and greetings from Mexico.

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Thanks a lot for tuning in man! Hope you're all good in Mexico 🙂

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Oh well you are the pro! lol. Excellent. You should think of doing some tutorials on Dtube/YouTube!

Ah thanks a lot man! You're not the first person who suggested that to me and I did do one video earlier this year but I'd love to do more! There's just so much to do in such a short time in the days haha! Thanks for the tips though, maybe I'll fire up the recording software and make a few "making of" videos 🙂

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145BPM... my style of music :0)

Tastes differ, but I think this is definitely the best one so far. Awesome track!
Listen - pump up the volume - listen again.

There's something very familiar in there... can't put my finger on it... yet

( I love what you do at 1.50.... I would play this in a set any time - the dance floor would go crazy!!)


I have a new favourite BPM outside of 174 and that is now 145!

Thanks a lot for checking this out and the awesome feedback on the Trance tracks I shared! I made a playlist with them all in case you missed them, just click the big sunset image in the original post and it will take you there for a big trance party!

I'm intrigued as to what you think is familiar... Unless that's a quote from something?

I'd love to see how this would go down in a set. I need to get it properly mastered to make it sound even more massive, this is still a "rough demo" 🙂

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I'm intrigued as to what you think is familiar...

I'm not sure yet. It reminds me of something in another track. Could be anything, may be as silly as one little sound or an effect that triggered my memory (in which like 1000s of psytrance tracks are stored, lol).

I had found and bookmarked the playlist :0)

I have a new favourite BPM outside of 174 and that is now 145!

174??? OMG, that sounds unbelievably fast, hahaha

Well, since I'm procrastinating anyway, I can just as well listen while doing so.
Play it again, Sam! :0D

Now I listen again, I realize it wouldn't be easy to play it in a set, though - because it starts really ... idk the word.. 'full'(??). A lot easier to mix in a track that starts with a clean, simple bass line (but hey, my DJ skills are limited)

Mmm well, in that case, you could start the set off with it 😉

But as it's still a work in progress I could make the intro extra long and not bring the atmosphere in until a little later in the track. Then bring the heat 🔥

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P.S.: the familiar part is probably just the vibe... It's the no-bass part that starts at 1.50 that triggers the feeling.
Lol, I can drive myself crazy over something like this. I nééd to find out.
Probably Faders, Audiotec, Stereomatic... or something completely different.

Aah, well - I got an excuse to spend some time going through some awesome tracks ;0)

It's really good, I liked to concentrate while I prepare a publication jajaja EXCELLENT!

Thanks a lot @fmbs25! Hope it didn't put you off the concentration for the publication haha!