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Start Again

So here it is, 5.5 weeks of pure adventure in two of the most beautiful islands I've had the pleasure of exploring - New Zealand's North and South Island. I finished up proceedings at Opoutere Beach this morning to cap it all off.

Now I'm ready to start again on a new travel adventure for the next month as I'm meeting back up with my friend in Melbourne and things will probably be a lot more chilled, my feet will thank me for it I'm sure haha!

Cheers New Zealand, you're awesome!

I felt it was appropriate to upload my chilled DnB remix of a lively original by Miss Tantrum, the lyrics seemed appropriate given the situation now.

Actifit post to follow from today's adventures.

Stay safe and I hope you enjoy!



Just give me some time
To clear my mind
Perhaps we can start again

Just give me a sign
Some peace of mind
Perhaps we'll have a chance

Who knows if it's right
To carry on another night with you?

Who knows what to do?
Lost inside a maze, no straightforward way through.

Just give me a sign
Just give me some time

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given the situation now

About leaving NZ?

Great track once again. <3

Yea about NZ 🙂 I don't think I'll be able to reflect fully on it until I go back through pictures and notes I made to write the proper travel blogs. 5.5 weeks of awe

And thanks for the lovely comment as always 😊

I'm sure you will be able to visit NZ once more. If you want it to happen, I know and you know that you can. You have done it already :)

Yea perhaps I will go back again but I feel like I have seen a LOT there now and there is more of the world to explore. First, I need to get some finances in check! Oh and get through this round of travelling as well!

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Haha, ya start with finishing this one :D

Finances is always the hard part with Traveling. Reason why I haven't done it yet.

It is, especially if you're like me and like beds rather than camping - suddenly the expense goes up but I feel it's worth it. I've camped many times and it's definitely not for me (although I am going camping this weekend with my friend, d'oh 😂)

Just make a spreadsheet, see what you have, job done

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I enjoy camping actually. But I do enjoy the cotts rather than sleeping on the ground.

Howdy sir nickyhavey! what is the given situation now? The depression of not having real beer?
This post came dangerously close to being a fluff piece but the photo and killer humor helped it skimp by. I think this was funny, don't you think? I laughed anyway.