Who Remembers The Original Of This? [Drum & Bass Remix & Free Download]

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Thank You!

Firstly, another big milestone reached on Soundcloud as I reached 33,000 plays recently and I wanted to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported, listened and followed my ramblings over the last 8 years on the platform! But of course with the advent of all these new streaming sites, the numbers may well be spread out across different services now so we will see how it goes in 2019!

What Do You Want From Me?

I loved this 90s one hit wonder from Monaco as I would listen to it to help me get through a few relationships where I'd be left wondering "what the hell happened?"

So I wanted to do a Drum & Bass remix of it, giving it a more modern spin with my own stamp on it.

I hope you enjoy it and it is a free download so make sure you get yourselves a copy.

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► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Good job!

Thanks for sharing!

Also, dsound seems to work now. I think I had problems with playing some tracks before.


Yes @dsound have done a lot of work to improve the playback of music since the latest update and looks like a few interesting developments in the works too!

Thanks for the feedback my friend 😊

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you give dnb new meaning


Thanks a lot man! A good meaning I hope 😂

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Listening to you now on Spotify!! Love it!


Ahhh you found me haha awesome! Thanks for following and more tracks coming up on there in this part of the year 😀

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It's good stuff to have on while I'm going about my day. :-D