Trailer Soundtrack I made for a cinema released movie - One Less God Teaser part 1 - naTHAN Kaye

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This soundtrack was part 1 of 2 teaser trailers that I did the soundtrack on for a full length Australian feature film called One Less God. It needed to be gritty and intense because the film is based on the horrific true story of the terrorist attack sieges that happened in Mumbai, India in 2008. I worked very closely with the director who was very specific about what he wanted, yet he had absolutely no music understanding at all, so I had to do a lot of musical interpreting. In fact, I had to employ a lot of my polyrhythmic technical knowhow to make it work in sync with the drama unfolding on the screen, as it was a polyrhythmic nightmare puzzle to solve, but solved it I did (that's an interesting story unto itself, that I'll save for another time).

INSTRUMENTS: I played a mohan veena (21-stringed hindustani slide guitar), 12-string fretless cümbüs, bass, sung all the vocals, played all the pad, programmed the drums and produced the rest of the track in Cubase Pro.
The actors' voices and special fx (guns, door knocks etc) you hear are from the film.

If you would like to actually see the trailer for the film with the music in it, please let me know and don't forget to upvote, resteem, follow and comment...

Written, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Nathan Kaye at Dreamseeds Sound Design Studio.
copyright © & ℗ Nathan Kaye 2013. All rights reserved.

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Hey @chiefmappster!
Just tagging you here to make sure you receive my entry for the #beatbattle this week.

O heck yeah received brothaman :)

If it's not a big hassle, would absolutely love to see the trailer.


So, I have an 11 yr old with very eclectic taste in music (apple doesn't fall far from the tree). We are not religious (rather spiritual but our own style) but I do limit what she has access to due to the lyrics. We listened to some a cappella groups and she has taken to beatboxing and is pretty good at it! (She's also playing ukelele& violin and wants to start banjo soon.) I've played some of your pieces for her and now she's bugging my husband to let her play his didge. Any advice for her for developing her beatboxing? Also, in your travels have you come across any female beatboxers & didge players? All we've really found are the female Beatboxers battles, but something more along your lines with some guitar or other strings would be awesome. Thanks!

Wow! That's so awesome!
Have you shown her some of my didge beatbox lessons? Scroll down my profile to see those.

Regarding inspiring females: There's a young Australian woman selling out arenas around the globe who was just busking on the street here in Melbourne 3 years ago. Her name is Tash Sultana. She does an incredible one-woman show and utilises a little beatboxing in it.
Also, there's an awesome Maori/New Zealand woman who does an amazing beatbox and instrument looping show - her name is Mihiringi.

I hope this helps...

Awesome! Thanks! We'll look them up! In the meanwhile, we did watch the first 3 lessons today and all 4 kids(11, 8, 5 & 2) loved them! Dad still isn't ready to let them use the didge un supervised, but they practiced the beatboxing!

You got the ultimate compliment from the 5 & 2 yr olds, "He sounds like the Wiggles!" (We don't watch much TV, but there is an old DVD that the younger 2 love to dance with and I guess we just don't hear accents that often, so they loved just hearing you speak!)

Anyway, your post about openmic and all the encouragement and positivity really spoke to me and although I haven't written much new material since motherhood (the last decade has flown by!) I decided to dust off an old track and share it. It was only intended to be a practice track for me with minimal mixing down by my dear friend, but I think it still has some good points. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again for inspiring me.

Rad! I'm stoked to be compared to the Wiggles! From a young kid that's the highest compliment, it's like being likened to Hi-5!
Glad they practiced the beatboxing!

I'll be sure to check out your tune in the next 24 hours... Woohoo! Go you for going for it! Yeeeeew!
I'm honoured to inspire you!

Hey @crowbarmama! I just heard your tune!
Great work! It's a catchy tune and you sound great! I'm glad you pushed through whatever self-judgment was holding you back and shared it with us! And I'm honoured to have been one of the people to inspire your sharing!

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I was getting into that. It sounds like something I could really listen to while painting.
You did such a great job on performing and editing.

Thanks heaps @art-mess!
I guess I'll put part 2 up soonish! I reckon you'll dig that even more.

Looking forward to it

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So much talent! You do not disappoint. I've dabbled in various instruments and musical styles, but the mixing and editing was never my thing. Can't sit still that long, I guess. Mad love for those that can!

So, what can't you do?

Thanks so much @crowbarmama!
WHat can't I do? hehe.. Well, I was saying to @meno today that I'm fairly lousy at woodwork. Haha... But yeah, there's plenty of things I'm not into and that generally means I'm not good at them.
If it's music or any kind of artistic endeavour, I can usually do those things or at least pick them up fairly quickly.

Wow wow what a emotion-laden entry.

Got some serious goosebumps listening to this. The way you integrate those incredible instruments you play with the snipets from the movie creates such intense emotion (especially around 2:02). Absolutely love it.

Appreciate you sharing the backstory behind this creation, I am sure it wasn't easy dealing with the director and creating such a high-quality soundtrack.

Really inspirational to listen. Thank you for sharing with the community to enjoy. Means a lot.

Awesome @chiefmappster!
I'm stoked that it touched you, buds!
I loved making this. And Part 2 is even better! I'll post that soon. Perhaps even the trailer itself! Are you keen?

That is amazing to hear, do what you love and you never "work" a day in your life.

O heck yeah would absolutely love to see the trailer and listen to Part 2 o wee bring it on :))

Radness! I’ll post those up soon!
And those are wise words, my friend.
I look forward to what the next beatbattle topic/theme is!

Thank you so much for the second place!!! That's amazing! I'm honoured!

Oh, by the way, @chiefmappster. Can you please explain? What does - 36 SMOKE, and 20 Whaleshares for 60 points - mean? Where is it seen?
Excuse my ignorance on this.
Thanks buds!

You're very welcome bud you blew us all away wow wow.

And SMOKE and Whaleshares are different cryptotokens awarded as prizes. You just need a Bitshares wallet to receive them.

You can hold them for investment purposes or sell them for USD or BTS. The Whaleshares token you can actually use for an upvote on one of your posts. The SMOKE token supports the Smoke.Network project and has been rising in value this year gradually.

And the Points is a way we keep track of everyone's involvement in the Steemit Music League through the contests and challenges. And we keep a leaderboard to track the points of everyone.

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much for clarifying that for me, bro.
Is there a link for bitshares?
I’ll sign up and send you the details.
Cheers buds

You're very welcome. Here is a link for the Bitshares wallet

Thanks heaps bro.

Is it possible to use a different wallet?
I keep getting this error message when I try to create an account regardless of what name I try to use.
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O wow that's really odd. Sorry for the delay in response. Try Openledger's wallet here:

Thanks so much @chiefmappster!
I got Bitshares to work tonight! Phew!
My Bitshares wallet username is: nathanlkaye-2004

That was really really awesome. Definitely golden soundtrack material and so authentic. Want to hear more from you, I followed

Thanks so much @paradigmprospect!

Welcome to the Steem Music League, @nathankaye ! I love this work for its eastern feel and instruments, and of course, its intensity drives it quite well into the forefront of our consciousness!

Thanks so much @onemedia!
I'm honoured that you love this piece of work and I'm grateful to be a part of the Steemit Music League!

Yes, I'd say we're in great company being part of the SML!