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Deggsy and Deon - MADEGO

Music By Deggsy - @nakedverse
Lyrics / Vocals By Deon (kryptoe)

“ A Cohesive Listening Experience "

Hello and Thank You for dropping by the MADEGO Artist Page
MADEGO (Deon Ashton and Derek Evans) was formed out of a mutual passion
for catchy, melodic songs. Deggsy is the engine room of the partnership, constructing strong
and evocate soundscapes which invite a narrative of melody and harmony. Deon offers the
song writing and vocal element to the mix, blending mental and emotional imagery to complete
the package.

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YOUR MELODY (Ashton/Evans)

Captured by the sounds you make
An Inner rapture I embrace
And I feel my senses come alive
To you rhythms reaching to my rhyme

Fragile sculptures taking shape
Dancing as each note relates

And your melody lives inside me now
Yeah your melody how it find me now
And sends me away

Lines that wrap around and roll
Intertwine musical gold
Reaching to my very core
Giving my song wings to soar

Cuz your melody lives inside me now
Yeah your melody how it find me now
And sends me away (rpt)

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loving deon week, another brilliant work of art here :)

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