Dsound Pariahs - The Dsounders outcast playlist (Day 29)

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Thank you very much to those who participated in the initiative created by Atom Collector Records to support dsound,
and by day 6 we have managed to situate ourselves in top spot last week in playlists thanks to all the community effort sharing tweeets and retweets, ReSteems and shares in every platform with fans and new people to join, Steemit, Choon and the rest of the fantastic platforms the blockchain space has to offer, we have managed to raise a total of 190,320 notes and 71 SP have been powered up and delegated immediately to DSOUND ( As it may seem little, perseverance and joint effort will eventually help dsound to become strong again and so 100's of independent artists will benefit from this Thanks to you....,,, and together we will manage to delegate to dsound little by little and support at the same time Choon and the Steemit ecosystem...so more people will get to join us and become part of the same goal to make the world a better and fairer place for all ......

Keep on Chooning and Dsounding:

This week we have been joined by great dsound artists such as :


Thank you so much to all and if you haven't listened and followed them yet please find them in Dsound, Musicoin, Choon or any other platforms....or you can listen to them here:
.............in the Temporary playlist link please share this post and retweet if you would like to help the Dsound Pariahs:


Please also listen to this interesting podcast by @clixmoney on the dsound situation:

Please contact David at @downwardspiralmantra in Atom Collector Discord to show the interest and I will gladly point to you how to participate join us at : https://discord.gg/eqfxH5b If you have anymore questions please DM !!!! Long Live Dsound and Dsound communities !!!

As everyone knows Dsound had their delegation withdrawn from Steemit and many of us have been really struck at the way it was carried out by the Steemit management, leaving many artists that were depending on dsounds income to make ends meet and of course affecting all Dsound community. Thanks to Pedro @prc we have enjoyed a great time in the way Independent Artists are rewarded and has created something that not many people are ready to do, to change things that do not work, following a dream and spending countless hours to a project that so many of us have benefited from....

In Atom Collector Records community we have decided to take some action and in order to keep the app running as we all have believed and supported it, several initiatives will be taken in order to power up the delegation in Dsound. The first one is the creation of a playlist called Dsound Pariahs, in which every artist that has music on Choon and is part of the Steemit community can take part.... The rules are simple we will open a channel in ACR discord in which you can add a track with a 75% towards curators on it, Every day the playlist will be shared and updated and people taking part will leave and emoji to let us know that they have played it, all the earnings will be directed to a communal account opened with one sole purpose.... to power up dsound account....

There are benefits of taking part in this venture for one the power of the community will drive the earning of this playlist upwards and so dsound could in time provide votes with a decent value and also the advertising within Choon itself, as one of our playlist is already number one, we could drive this one to the same place....But this time I would consider that an inter Steemit music/art communities share of responsibility is needed in order to provide with great musicians as well as to more channels to promote it....There are only great things to be gained with this venture by joining forces and maybe in no time we will bring Dsound to the place it deserves to be in Steemit....

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