Vampire Weekend - Young Lion (Mindseye Remix)

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Hey guys! Here's the another entry in the series of 'unofficial' remixes I've created in the past years . This time, it's a re-work of a song by a band that has always fascinated me: Vampire Weekend.


The song I remixed is 'Young Lion', the closing track of Vampire Weekend's album Modern Vampires of the City. This is a calm and fairly melancholic track, that I sampled, flipped and added some chill drum patterns to. The result is a track that, in my humble opinion, doesn't sound anything like other tracks I've created in the past years. The remix has been very popular on SoundCloud (I have recently taken it down from there). I hope you guys enjoy it too! Listen below!



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I'm really loving this

Thanks man that's great to hear!

I have started to support your music recently! With your additional creative work to the platform, this provides a great variety of different creative music.

Thanks for the support and the positive comment!

Great remix, definitely put your own stamp on it

Thanks @redskylullaby! I felt like the track deserved a re-work. Glad to hear it works!

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