Reiki – calm and blissful music. For reiki practice, but also ideal for meditation.

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Over 2 hours of calm, blissful music. Every 3 minutes, a bell rings, signalling the time for a change in hand positions.
(I received this from Irma Dutt, Gurugram, India. Thanks to her and the musicians.)

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Dear @majes.tyty,

First of all, thank you for delegating some of your SP to me. I love your reiki music. I just want to know more about the "changing of hand positions when the bell rings" can you please elaborate on that more?



When practicing reiki, and during the initiation, one places one's hand in various positions of the body. For instance, over the eyes, over the ears, on the chest, etc. Each position should be maintained for 3 minutes. The bell is rung to alert the practicioner to change the position.

Just listened to a short piece on my phone. So later I will bring it up on the PC for a lovely calming start to our day. It will be like a cool beeeze runing through the house. I dont practice reiki but have read about it, so if you want to tell us your thoughts in a later post please feel free to tag me in. I would be very interested to learn more. Have a peacfull and enjoyable day. Blessings and Namaste 😎

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Thanks. Glad you like it. I listen to it as background music every now and then. It's very becalming. Peace.

Thanks a lot, really a peaceful tune. Just perfect for practicing out @edgarare1 meditation recommendations.


Thank you so much for the mention I’ll check with earphones for relax my mind

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Hello, good to know you are Reiki practitioner. I'm entirely new to Reiki but I've come across quite a few practitioners. Do you have a great day and thanks for the support.


It's very relaxing, and also reportedly effective in healing. Great music, too!

Awesome, Thanks for the meditation music :D
Gonna give it a check out to see how it is.

Calm music is always one of my type of music when I want to listen to music as it even made me to easily fall

Thank you @majes.tytyry I like practice reikei sometime.

I also practitioning Reiki 10 more ages