The process of mixing our Tribe's album - State of Soul - composition Balkafrican Horo

in dsound •  last year  (edited)

Hi steemians,

Here's a short stripped excerpt from Balkafrican Horo in the mixing process.

In the link bellow where you can click on the "BUY"button you can find our Tribe's album

We're still wondering when will happen'the moment when people would like to purchase our album and offer steem/sbd for it

We can make it happen'for minimum of 10-13 steem/album :-)

Regards to you everyone and feel free to embrace the music

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)
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Wow small world! I know Johan, we taught together in India. Send him my regards...

:-D :-D :-D Finally @grediamondmusic

He wanted me there too but it ended up in the way it happened ... so ... nothing new bout that school ... anniway ... no stress ... Life's grooving forward

Hope you're well

Regards and hope you'll enjoy the album

It's available via my website or bandcamp ... at least for listening if you feel like

Salute @gregdiamondmusic