Stoned (live looper sessions)

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Greetings Dsound!

This is the title track from my album Live Looper sessions volume 1 Stoned. I wrote it while I was extremely stoned, hence the title.


I feel so stoned
Make me feel so long
A million miles down to my feet
I don't feel so tall
I can see the walls
Of illusive delusion
Teen you and me
I don't care no more
For what may be in store
Can't live for tomorrow
Fuck yesterday
I let go of you
You let go of me
Not even ourselves
Come for what may be
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(musical outro)

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I love your music! It's soooo saaaaad :-)

Thanks Prinz Valium <3
Cheer up and smoke some weed, it'll get better for a while ;)

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