Wipe The Tears Away

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Greetings Dsound!

I present a new song :)
I wrote the words a couple nights ago. I was drunk, high, and trying to bring myself out of my latest existential crisis. I haven't been writing as much lyrically than I was say a month or two ago. So I wrote this song in an effort to help bring me out of the hole. Why don't you come along with me?


This weakness must fall

let it fall away like rain

as the cycle of failure comes around again

don't let it frown on me

let the rain fall away from me

So I'll do what I do best and I'll sing for you

with a tune on my guitar I'll play for you

Diggin deep I'll bring the misery

just wipe those tears away

wipe them all away

Watch me perform this song youtu.be/g945tNybkHA

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I like the song man and great lyrics! Thanks @lk666

I'm glad you liked it brotha <3

me gusto el post vote y te sigo pero recuerda tambien puedes seguirme

Gracias por seguir y votar. Verificare su contenido. <3

Your post seems u r sad.. Btw nice lyrics.

Thank you <3
Life's sad man, specially the older you get and lose more loved ones. Your kids grow up and rebel against you and make you feel like shit on top of that. I've suffered a few existential crisis since my wife died in 2013 and am just coming out of one. They're real good for waking you up if you can get through it.
Words and music are magical my friend and they can help bring yourself as well as others out of the suffering and give them the ability to believe in something greater.

Thanks again and much love <3

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You’ve certainly nailed that looper mate,it’s sounding awesome!! your musics killer! I listen to your entire choon playlist the other weeks end while I was on the roof cleaning my gutters and dude! It made that job enjoyable - so thank you 🤘

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