Love Is Tough

in dsound •  5 months ago

A song from the archive that I am offering another outing foe, hope you enjoy if you haven't heard it before, and if you have then I hope you enjoy it once more. Many thanks fordropping by.
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great words mate, so true, lovely track mate :)

Ah man, this is beautiful, very Simon & Garfunkel-esque and the words are empowering :)

Full of emotion, awesome track. Hope you're doing well dude!

Aaah yes, love this one, very nice :-)

This sounds like an anthem bro ,or the intro of a movie .
What's funny is that I couldn't remember if I 've heard it before, then the first vocals start and It straight up rang a bell, the melody is so evocative and original, how could I forget about it!!!
great job!!

What a great Opening to this Gem , Just a wonderful Vocal , this hits your heart straight from the off, Love it , one of my favs for sure . Sorry for Lateness :)