Every Morning - NEW TRACK (with Claes Steen)

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Well can there be a more appropriate time for an England/Sweden collaboration (for those few not watching the world cup ...its a footie reference) The song is not a footie song however :) Claes let me losse on this amazing composition, I was particularly please with the post 2:00 choruses (in case you are time pressed). Feel like a kid in a sweet shop, such a buzz to get to do this, thank a million Claes and the steemit world.

CLAES STEEN on soundcloud -- soundcloud.com/cermat/tracks

DEON (@kryptoe) on Soundcloud --soundcloud.com/deon_songs


Every Morning (Steen/Ashton)

She greets every morning and she takes me by the Hand
She Listen so sincerely and I know she understands
Takes me to the places where I know that we can be
Helps me see the wonder of love’s sweet simplicity
…..And She’s the air that I breathe

I know each time I find her that my heart just wears it’s smile
Closer with each moment she feels like she’s deep inside
Words fall from her lips like tender raindrops in the sand
Whispers to me gently and she places no demands

She’s the brightest diamond inside my soul
… let her stay
And I feel the pulse of her overtones
…. melt away
Stay my love everyday

Oh I can take my explanations and throw them all away
Cuz with our hearts together words have nothing more to say
She sparkles in the sunshine and she’s like a rivers flow
She shows me no resistance with me everywhere I go
.. and Oh How I love how she lets me know
She greets me every morning and she takes me by the hand
She listens to my stories and I know that I’m her man
She takes me to places that only she can
Cuz she understands

She Greets me every morning (rpt)

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Mysterious warm dreamy and smooth sounds! Kewl vocals and vibe Deon! :D


Many thanks. that was kind of the vibe we were looking for.

Nice one boys. I felt free listening to this. Free as a bird :D


cheers jeff, from the aging hippy!

bloody lovely mate, top notch collab :)


Aww that great of you to say, it a really exciting new avenue.

I loved the chord changes, and mood of the track was really perfect, Loved Deon's vocal too, great job brother!!
I loved CLAES STEEN works too, he has a great mind for classical music too


Thank you Buddy that is very generous of you to say.

Such a lovely track !!! I love the bass movement on the chorus. And the piano is so dramatic, almost movie like. Excellent job!


High Praise indeed, thank you so much.

Wow this is fantastic guys, such a great melody and the choral accompaniment is a perfect accompaniment to Deon's voice, fabulous!


cheers tim that is a lovely comment, very encouraging too.

Beautifully arranged and composed, very well performed, very well done guys :) I love the artwork too!


Cheers Adam, that is a lovely ocmment and much appreciated.

You were chosen for my 🎧 DSound TOP5! 🎧 on Sunday - Thank You!


Thats great, thank you very much.

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