Original recorded lullaby poem

in dsound •  3 months ago

Sweet, the gentle night Entwined within the sky Place your heart inside the heart of hearts, Your inner eye

Place the day’s dark alleys
In the centre of
The peace you know (you also know
Dissolves the dark with love)

Think of stars afloat
In perfect harmony
Think of all the whirling world
Which waits for you to see

But not before you take
Your sleep in lilting dreams
Not before the sun wakes up
And puts the moon to sleep.


Follow me, k? @kayclarity. And check out my music here, too! kayclarity.bandcamp.com

Picture is pixabay.


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Great Post with superb natural pic.

Love your poems and lyrics. And you're so prolific. Hope you'd help me write a song someday :P .. "Follow me, k?" I always talk like that.. Do this, kay?.. do that, kay?.. I say "kay" instead instead of "k" ... And a friend would tell me "Don't call me Kay, kay?" :P


Friend! So sorry. I keep trying to get back in the Steemit swing of things but life is just so all over the place. I loved seeing your comments!

And yes - that kay thing is a real thing. haha - it can be pretty annoying! :)


Haha it's okayyy, no need to apologize. I understand :) And nooo it's not annoying.. I do that all the time :P.. It's become a thing between me and one of my YT bros.. He keeps calling me Kay now hahaha :P..