A PLACE OF SANCTUARY (Poetry Slam Contest [Week #25] |) {An Original Poetry}

in dsound •  2 months ago

[Image pixabay](pixabay.com/en/angel-read-embrace-angel-figure-1087932)

Her bosom, a benign citadel
that usher gentle gurgles in tender decibels
her gentle pats like a xylophone rhythm
taking away snivels and whimpering
smiles easing the soul of burden
clasped to her is like a lullaby unsung
like a fortress carved in flesh
where the spirit litters and roam
freely nestling in home.

Her affection, spreads like ripples
words of wisdom so subtle
she's a shelter from the dew
my succor when the evening is hue
tilted in pestilence and altercations
she's the calmness to my smouldering embers
a gyration of psalms to my troubled spirit

life is magnified through the pen
a cheer when I'm cowering in darkened alley
like a burst of elevation from a valley
she's the couplet that concludes the ballad
a fragile strength that camouflages weaknesses
Mother's calming embraces a celestial touch
that torches the fiery furnace

She's equipped with a jukebox of love
like the sunset that coruscate the rainbow colours
dazzling into me like courage
she's a mother's graceful cradle
my fountain of strength.


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I wasn't able to listen to it because dSound didn't seem to work when I tried it. But, judging solely on the content, I would say that it would sound awesome! Every word you write is just laced with pure emotion, I'm sure that you doing spoken poetry would only take it to the next level. Good luck with the contest, bud!


Wow dsound didn't play? Wow I'm so sorry you didn't listen, you know spoken poetry has effect sometimes when listened to, it's like the written word just comes alive and the emotion is intense really.
Wow thank you so much, you know the feedback keeps me going


I'll give it another try once I get home. Maybe it's just my connection that's the issue.

Hope you win the contest, lovely poetry. 👍

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