Nowhere to Run to

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A song about some of my favourite places in Asia, from Pakistan to Malaysia and Thailand. The girl is a real girl who followed me round for a couple of years and who was a good friend in that time. She was a great singer and we used to go into bars in Brussels and get her to sing for money with me accompanying on the geetar. When I went to Thailand we lost touch. However the song is a sort of conglomeration of that story with my travel bug thrown into the mix. The Guitar part is the famous G run down on the base string and is particularly inspired by Little Feat's "Willin'", which I've always enjoyed playing, among others...and others since.

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Lyrics to "Nowhere to Run to"

Way back in the Khagan Valley,
I last saw her there.
Tryin' to make a deal with a German Industrialist,
Wanting the Lions share.

I made my escape through Abbotobad,
I suppose she followed me there,
She ran me to ground in the Murray Hills,
Man I liked it, I sure liked it there.

Nowhere to run to,
Nowhere to hide,
Runnin' on empty,

Choked up inside,
Nowhere to run to…

Finally made it across to Madras,

I went across overland.
Hitched a ride to Georgetown Penang,
And now I'm in Southern Siam.
Here some lady told me she loved me,
I missed the dollar signs in her eyes,
When she realised I was broke she left me,
I guess she just took me for a ride.

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