Dsound Resteem Mondays # 3: I hate daylight savings...

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The third installment of my weekly Dsteem Rsound Mondays, Resteem Dsound Mondays or maybe monday resteem dsounds. I don't know I'm soo tired... day light savings is silly, How many countries do this? I've never understood even though I've lived with it my whole life... anyways I digress.

Resteem Dsound Mondays was born on a historic day a month or so ago when I accidentally resteemed something while perusing dsound with my laptop which has a hyper sensitive mouse. I said F it, went all in and resteemed some more that night and have now made it a weekly thing with a bit of a stupid podcast to go with it. I hop you find the humor.

Here are the tracks included in tonight's podcast. I highly recommend checking them out and following along to see what they get into.








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Thanks a lot for including my track! :)

@illuminationst ..thats cool..sound is great especially when you are listening with ear pods in...resteemed.. thankyou

  ·  last year (edited)

I enjoyed it, thank you, I also got on Steemit thanks to Todd, all the best.