Solargard [#016]

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Here's the last track from Gas Mask Replicant, it's another little slice of my eccentric electronica, a little bit dubsteppy, a little abstract hip-hoppy, a little ambient. I hope you enjoy it!
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New release "Bits, Bobs & Beats #1" released on August 10th, pre-save it to your Spotify here -

Gas Mask Replicant is released by my label, Uncle Bob's Records. It's available on limited edition cassette via Uncle Bob's Bandcamp store.

You can listen to more of my music at Musicoin or Choon.

Here's the whole album on Soundcloud:

The Catalogue

This is an ongoing project to catalogue my music, one track at a time. It's all gotten a little messy over the years, so time to regroup and work out what's where. I'll be including remixes, collaborations, soundtracks, some real rarities and more. I'll be aiming to post a tune a day, and anticipate it will take me a while to go through it all, I hope you enjoy the journey...
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very busy track mate, cool stuff :)

Know the feeling of trying to figure out which track is what done by who and when... and why!

Cheeky industrial sounds going on here mate, sound fresh! Good luck with the organisation quest!