#3 Rick - "Fiat currency is blood currency" Anarco capitalism.

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Rick, an anarco-capitalist, early crypto adopter, free thinker being. The calm soft tone of his eloquent voice carried the conversation through the bumpy topics of the monetary system and the philosophy of economics spiking at topics of central banks, anarchy, and human emotions. Greed is what pushes us to do things but fear makes us push responsibility away in favour of security. Panic spread by the media is used to consolidate regulation and thus centralise the power structure into the hands of a select few. All of this happening under the nose of democracy.

Violence is what gives value to money. Without constant expansion and destruction, our economy as we know it would collapse. Fiat currency is blood currency.

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this is a highly informative podcast! thank you so very much

my pleasure :) if you liked this one you might also enjoy #6 Trevor, which I am editing atm.