Knowing Venezuelan traditional-popular music. Today's song: De mi Zulia (From my Zulia)

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Life has in music and, above all, in singing the most noble, glorious, unsurpassable and exquisite celebration. Music and life go hand in hand; music distracts death and this is what Henry Martínez knows when he recreates in his songs all the complex subjective framework of vital matter and the scaffolding that sustains it. That is why, it is a pleasure for me to present in this interesting musical area today's song: De mi Zulia (From my Zulia). It is a drum kit composed by Henry Martínez. The song was written in three tenths with verses, more or less, octosyllabic, with a chorus that always repeats after every tenth.

From my Zulia is a geo-cultural recognition to the land of the beloved sun, to the magical land of charms. And, at the same time, it is a call of our conscience to recognize the errors that, as human beings, we have been committing against our environment of life and our environment. It is a call to unity to improve our ways of life to make our land a better world.

In this opportunity, they will listen to the original version that was recorded by Cecilia Todd who is considered a cultural ambassador of Venezuela and andarina around the world with a memory sensitive to the sonorities of the Venezuelan people. This is the song No. 2 of the Cecilia Todd Record Work: songs by Henry Martinez and was recorded in Venezuela under the Musical Production of Orlando Montiel and the Executive Production of the Bigott Foundation.

Estelio Padilla

Record Production: Cecilia Todd: songs by Henry Martínez
Track No.: 2
Song title: De mi Zulia
Musical Genre: Bagpipe
Subgenre: Tambora Bagpipe
Author of Music and lyrics: Henry Martínez
Sing: Cecilia Todd
Piano: William Sigismondi
Cuatro y Guitarra: Henry Martínez
Mandolin: Jesus Rengel
Percussion: Jorge Montenegro
Double Bass: Roberto Koch
Flute: Javier Montilla
Clarinet: Jorge Montilla
Chorus: William Sigismondi
Tropimúsic C.A. Cirovega C.A. 2000

From my Zulia

My Zulia always loved
Land of the sun and charms
I offer you here in this Bagpipe
My heart and my song (bis)
The breeze spends its hours
Stroking your lake
But the man however
It contaminates it and ignores it
It seems that the problem
It escapes from our hands
But it's easy if we count
With all the Zulians
Save the Coquivacoa
It is necessary my brother
The bird no longer sings
The road is sad
Things are not very good
By land perijanera
The heron left the river
The Catatumbo tires
In the village there is no rest
And in the field there is no tillage
Because this land does not advance
Having so much abundance
South of the lake you can hear
The voice of the banana trees
Asking the Andes
The cause of our ills
Nobody knows the neighbor
Time has changed us
Why people do not sing
What he had always sung
What is said in Zulia
It is watered everywhere

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