Rapid Fire Keys

in dsound •  5 months ago 

This is a new profile controlled by @elderson This profile will be displaying my piano and theme music only. I want to remind people that I'm a multi talented musician. And my Hip-hop album can be found on all online music stores. Here is a link to the 'Autograph by Elder-Son' iTunes:

20% of my official music earnings will go towards donating to great causes. Don't believe me? I'm already helping fellow veterans at ground level. Check out my news blog showing my donating progress: https://elderson.info/news/f/let-me-show-you-how-serious-i-am-about-these-20%25-donations

Enjoy the music

#Boombox is a tag where my alternate profiles Resteem music for free. I’ll be adding everyone who uses this tag to my auto-vote trail. (Delegator’s get higher upvotes)!

Delegate to elderson : 50 SP - 500 SP - 5000 SP - 50000 SP

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