Elder-Son beatz: "The Day After the Party" on Dsound/Choon

in dsound •  3 months ago 

In the lab at it again. @elderson just can't stop with producing this music! Speaking of music, Find yourself at the #boombox tag sometime. We have awesome sounds along with Free Resteems coming from my alternate profiles @orbitdrop & @fortpeacesteemit As long as the post includes music....Or anything Boombox related with music hahah. Anyways we have to get back to a hard days work when it comes to covering all grounds of promotion. I drive for Uber Eats. Soon I'm going to add a decal sticker that includes my music website, https://www.elderson.info/ on the back of my car. I can't wait to see the traffic increase from that alone.

Listen on Choon: https://choon.co/tracks/0vq7h5ibpxp/the-day-after-the-party-beat/

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Sick. It made me envision I was a detective trying to solve a crime.

Thanks @canna-curate. I've been shooting out beats like fully autos emptying clips. Glad to be hitting once in a while lol.

cool deconstructed bare bones beat

Thanks @wav-dr happy you like it