[The journey] I wish I could go back, honestly (Chapter 36 — Lo-fi vibes).

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Hello guys! I want to start this post by apologizing for the lack of consistency in my uploads. Unfortunately, my hometown, for the last couple of weeks has been hit by power outages very frequently, to the point of damaging the power transformer on my block and damaging some neighbour belongings as well. Just yesterday, there was a huge power outage nation wide, and we spent almost 18 hours without electricity. On the brighter side, none of my equipment has been damaged but there's still a possibility of losing everything I have and I have done (music related) so, producing new work or making progress on older projects has been extremely difficult. The funny thing is that my health got better and I finally cleared some time to get on finishing some things but, yeah.
Anyway, long before any of what said happening, I reworked this track called "When I was happy but I didn't know it". I think the title fits my current situation, because during the outages I've been thinking a lot about the past.
I hope anyone who reads this understands my situation right now. I hope also that the power outages cease soon to resume my work. I have many things to show you! Choon link below!

When I was happy, but didn't know it

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Thoughts are with you bro!!!
This tune is so good man!!!!!! love the feel of it!!!!!


Mite! Thank you man, you are the best!

The struggle in your homeland is beyond imagination though we see your spirit is indominable! Please upload as much as you can as a back-up against the threat of losing your musical legacy. This one sounds like a remix of something off your MuJu Principles beattape. Your music always sets such a subtle yet strong sentiment ... Keep up the great work my friend!!!


Thank you Zig! I truly and deeply appreciate your kind words. And yes, I'm trying to back up and upload everything I have. The situation doesn't seem to be getting better soon. But we must keep on going!


Best wishes to you and your patriots for relief from the terrible situation your country is in!