"CHASE SOUNDTRACK DECONSTRUCT" Remastered - Trk 11: American Modular by DRUMOPERATOR

in dsound •  10 months ago

So yeah, I literally made this track in traffic, as a soundtrack to traffic. Meta. In remixing, I ended up removing the ambient capture of the cars passing by me, as out of context and without the video content I didn't think it added as much to the track itself. One thing I did keep from my initial mix of this track was an aggressive automation of the wet/dry control on the master bus reverb. I pull this trick off frequently while jamming on the full modular rig, but I resigned myself to all master bus processing to be in the box while on the smaller rig on tour. It paid off here, affording me some extra control and ways to really accentuate the breaks and highlight each return to the main "traffic percolation" arpeggio.
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This is amazing. We have the #boombox tag for music too where my alt profiles resteem songs. I'm also helping a friend with something called "All Vet Radio" noticed you let your song go for open download. Are you looking for free exposure as well?


Yeah go ahead and spread the word! And I’ll hit the #boombox tag next time!

This is awesome 🤘💯🔥 keep on putting songs out