"SNOWKOTO" Remastered - Trk 10: American Modular by DRUMOPERATOR

in dsound •  7 months ago

This track is definitely in my top three of the material I came up with on the road last month, and I think it has everything to do with having a limited window to write and capture a piece before we departed what would be the last snow of 2018. My love of modular is often times divided firmly into two halves: a love of longform droning ambient sound design and a love of asymmetrical beat making using atypical sounds ... both wheelhouse staples of modular synthesis. I think this piece touches on a little bit of both. One of the easiest formats to explore in all-hardware environment is "build a sympathetic drone then drop a beat on it" ... it is simple, effective and a great way to get ideas going or come up with something engaging on the fly. I think I used this simple method to great effect here, again relying on the Mutable Instrument's Plaits and its resonator to pluck out the koto-referenced melody over a Mangrove influenced drone of sufficient depth and scope to carry the first half of the track.
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Love the graphic you made! Super nice sounds in this tune, been trying to avoid getting a Plaits but everything I hear with it sounds awesome. What are the drums from in this?


Plaits is the real deal and imho doesn’t even overlap with braids that much. All the drums here are machinedrum samples through the Erica PicoDrum which is anotner incredibly easy recommendation.