lucid dreams- a straight hiphop instrumental in C maj

in #dsound4 years ago (edited)

# Hello everyone

So its such a great opportunity coming to meet yall again, as usual, this time Im coming out with an instrumental of the hiphop category.

This particular one isn't part of my EP coming out in august 2018, its just something different I tried to work on, I believe you can really feel the space, especially when the delayed/panned drums come in in the beginning and end.

While creating this, I had a sense of, ''ok, let me create a rap instrumental that mumble rappers can jump on, but also singers, and even hardcore artist can try their hands on as we''

And tht is the mentality which I carried into making of this Hiphop track.

Its not overly interesting or particularly captivating, but I believe its dark components makes it a good song for those days when your heart just isn't handling the break up very well.

Instruments used.

*Drum samples gotten from various packs, including but not limited to ''trisample'' 808 trapstep pack

  • Pad sound gotten from massive by native instruments
  • keyboard sound gotten from nexus
  • rain and thunder gotten from various recording, including personal recording of rain on my roof(trust me, sound design is crazy)
  • vocal shots gotten from same trisample pack
    Screenshot (22).png

i do have a lot of packs

listen and enjoy

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


Though I am a bit too old to appreciate some genres of music, I was wonderfully entertained by yours and Ì say, thank you for sharing.

I listen and i was entertained. Little long time bobo. Thanks for sharing

Let me listen and have a great time.

I like hiphop songs. Really I want to enjoy. Thank you very much for sharing.

Mehn, this is bad.

This is absolutely wonderful Boss. I am so sure i will deal amazingly with this beat, but let me just wait Rock brotherly!!

Good to listen. You got an upvote from @steemit-city. Join us on telegram

Like seriously this sound track is heavy @destinysaid

This is really really heavy oooo... He is the future world producers

Already listening to it,great bit and sound,keep it going.

My oH my! Our person and our leader! Good music! Carry on, music is life. I can't wait for August too. This is unique and awesome too. Good sound

Very nice, good song beats to think with, I think people from all ages would appreciate this.

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