House That Heaven Built - Daz Nez

in #dsound4 years ago

Cover of Japandroids done in my own inimitable style - enjoy :-)

When the soul of the city/
Was laid to rest/
And the night forgotten/
And left for dead/

I happened on a house/
Built of living light/
Where everything evil/
Disappears and dies/

When they love you and they will/
Tell 'em all, they'll love in my shadow/
And if they try to slow you down/
Tell them all to go to hell/

I settled in slowly to this/
House that you call home/
To blood and breath/
Fair flesh and bone/

Blush of our bodies in the/
Heat of the night/
All day, the day after/
Reddened the skies/

It's a lifeless life with no/
Fixed address to give/
But you're not mine to die for any more/
So i must live/

Born of a bottle/
From heaven's hand/
And now you know/
And here i am.

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Wow very nice lines
Keep it up

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