David Far - Fairy Tale (Special Instrumental Track)

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Hey there!
This time I came back with a Medieval instrumental track which I produced it one month ago, and today I completed it.

Track title: Fairy Tale

Music Producer/Instruments: Davood Faramarzi aka David Far (@davidfar)

I have been spending time listening to many different Medieval musics, and also Nordic songs, I was thinking about what is the key in those kind of music which I found out that it's about performing more melodies in each part, and not only riffs, so I decided to write a song which has more melodies and even the riffs has much in it than only a usual riff, I used Mandolin and Acoustic guitar and Cello, a Percussion to add low frequencies like bass, and at the end I decided to add some electric guitar melodies which you can hear them in between, after that I decided to add some chorals, so I used some realistic plugins which had real voices, so I wrote some lines for the chorals too and added them to the ending part of the song.

You can Download/Buy this track from my website:

a link to Choon:

Thanks for listening!

Peace & Love!

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Very nice bro! I closed my eyes while I listened and it took me away. I loved how you blended those high notes on the mandolin. It sounded perfect.


Thank you brother, Im glad about it :d

Fairy tail indeed sounds almost medieval I like it through 💯🐒


@vibeof100monkeys thank you so much my friend :)


Thank you so much :))

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