"AMBIENCE:" Productivity - Original Music by 'Darren Claxton' - ESCAPISM -

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Hi all and welcome to my Ambient track 'ESCAPISM' FOR @soundbath 's AMBIENCE: The Steemit Music Experience - A DSound Community Initiative.

Escapism - is my next instrumental track upload for @dsound @steemit
As you know, I write many songs and play on SMA and MSP waves radio quite regularly, but there are other sides to my musical creativity and that lies in my instrumental creations.
When I began to compose and create music back in the early 00's, I didn't really know that I could sing, so just constructed instrumental moody music.
This track developed over a few weeks and just grew and grew.

It was constructed from the bare bones of that hypnotic beat and bass line that you hear. I created the drums and bass riff using real instruments, played in real time to a click track. I also use the built in pads and play finger drums this way, which creates that natural flow. which hovers underneath the haunting lead guitar and synth pads.

I've written quite a few instrumentals as well as my vocal tracks, and have created some soundtrack music for a YouTuber recently. His name is Huwsnursery - it's the opening acoustic track on this video [Using Hay and Grass as Mulch for food](youtube.com/watch?v=3KwprzjMSxc&t=16s)

Please feel free to comment, vote and share as you wish, as this really inspires me to produce more and more music.


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thanks, upvote

I love this. I'm just sitting here drinking a Imperial Stout but now I really want to grab somthing to eat!

Awesome!! thanks for listening!!!

no words nailed it man fantabulous composition ❤️❤️👌


This track is epic!

This is great Dazzel! <3