"Alien Abduction" by D-VINE & Zig

in dsound •  3 months ago  (edited)

Hey, Hey!!

Oh my, oh my, do I have something in store for you!!!

Today I am releasing an eagerly-anticipated collaboration between my dear friend & "Spotlight On The Artist" ( @spotlight.artist ) co-host Zig ( @onemedia ).

Needing to get some Broken Beats out of my system I laid down the groundwork for
"Alien Abduction".
Zig @onemedia added his wonderful flavor in his rad style, recorded the pipe-organ & guitar then sent it back to me.
Let there be said, some "Alien Abduction" was going on during the process, ehehe!

After finishing the track Zig ( @onemedia ) created the cover art using one of my pictures & morphing in his trippy elements, a video is already in the making thanks to Zig's many talents!!
Keep your eyes peeled peeps!!

Thank you so much Zig for this superb, easy-going ( except the "Alien Abduction", lol ) collaboration, for being such an amazing friend & co-host!

I have the biggest smile on my face thinking about what is to come!!!

I wish you all a superb Sunday & hope you enjoy "Alien Abduction"!!

Huggins, D-VINE

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I'm loving this! When that drum beat and bassline kicks in, I felt the party of the demented ducks and alien invasion haha! WEEEEHHHHHH! Great collab you two!


Ahahaha, weeeeehhh!! Happy you think so!! <3

Nicely done! :-D Grats on an Awesome Collab.


Thank ya T!! <3


Thanks, man!



I really love this one <3


Lol, those Gifs!
Thank you Tyggo, I really love that you really love it! >>>>> Un-hugs! <3


yes I do :D and gifs are a blessing sometimes i wish i could make them appear in real life in mid air during communication lol


Hehehe, that would be something!


I think we identified the flying object ... or they identified us! :-D Thank you, my dear!


Always Zig Zig <3




Thank you, Ed, much obliged!


Weeeeeehhhh!! Thank you so much @edprivat!
Huggins to ya <3

Super creepy jam! I'm digging it


Ehehe, sweet! There is more in the making ;)
Thank you for stopping by, listening, leaving a comment & for the resteem!! <3

What an absolute trip! So many wild sounds in there I don't feel right only mentioning a couple.
You and Zig definitely need to collab more in the future.


Yaaaay, happy you think so!
Yes, yes, yes!! There is defo more coming, E.P, album??
Who knows we just have begun & I absolutely loooove working with @onemedia <3

This long-awaited collaboration brought immense satisfaction to finally see come to fruition! Such a great experience really ought to be repeated... ;-)


Thank you so much Zig, this was such a pleasant experience <3

Sounds fantastic D-Vine


Thank you @wav-dr!!
I had so much fun!


Thank you, Doc! Glad it got a 'clean bill of health' :-D

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Great art work. Thanks for sharing!


I've seen this sort of comment more than a few times, always wonder if some sort of implication about the music is being made. Regardless, I always say, "Thank you."


got to love when people don't even take the time to see what they are posting on! While this piece is stellar in every way we both know you did not listen to it but actually thought it was visual art ...


Thank you! If you have time check out the song! :)

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Wow, really took me on a trip.Dope!


Thank you, happy you enjoyed it!