Flourish-lines (original poetry with reading & challenge!)

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original poetry by @d-pend
    with reading on @dsound & soundcloud
plus match-the-stanzas-to-the-photos challenge!
    featuring the photography of Thinking-Silence


semper_vivum_web_by_thinking_silence-dbfxfjh 3.jpg

Intro & challenge explanation

Hello, my friends. Some of you are probably thinking "what gives!" since I signaled an intention to blog on topics other than poetry, soon. Rest assured, there's much more to come. A video project I hoped to release yesterday has taken much longer than expected, so in the meantime I hope you enjoy some poetry and a simple game. :-)

And, to add some more fun and engagement, we'll have a simple challenge for this poem. Each of the four stanzas was written to one of the lovely flower photographs in this post. Your task is simple: discern which stanza corresponds to each picture and comment your guess below! I will upvote comments according to the number of correct matches. (First come first serve—comments left after a couple of days will no longer be eligible.)

Also, the first one to get all four correct will get a much larger upvote. ;-) Good luck, have fun, and I hope you enjoy this botanical poem/game! [Note: see credits at bottom for the titles of each photograph to include in your comment. The stanzas are called 1 through 4 from top to bottom.] Don't forget to visit the photographer Thinking-Silence's Deviantart page and show some support if you like the images.

conspiration_web_by_thinking_silence-dbflken 4.jpg


conspiration_web_by_thinking_silence-dbflken 2.jpg


Tholed leaves in a taut spiral—    
through dew and doldrums.        
    Speak to them with the eye's rind:
listen to what formed them.        

Delicate fuzz of infant's hair,        
gracing quilted walls.                      
    Before me humble, proud, allayed
suspicion, spice, and gall.             

Always-living, curl of towers,       
warm coronal flame.                        
         Thy pistilled down, unfurling bower,
fade of learnèd shame.                  

Thy fount autumnal, goldenrod,
the lamp of space and sun.          
The altared dream of sacred sod
before my heart: be spun.            

semper_vivum_web_by_thinking_silence-dbfxfjh 2.jpg


feel_the_sun_web_by_thinking_silence-d9a1t3v 3.jpgbecause_of_you_web_by_thinking_silence-d9a1wy8 2.jpg

Written & Spoken
by @d-pend
Photography by

    1 — "Conspiration"
    2 — "Sempervivum"
    3 — "Because of You"
    4 — "Feel the Sun"

feel_the_sun_web_by_thinking_silence-d9a1t3v 2.jpgbecause_of_you_web_by_thinking_silence-d9a1wy8 3.jpg


yellowpastel.jpgblugreen 2.jpg

Check out the recording
of me reciting "Flourish-lines"
by clicking on the links below!

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

► Listen on Soundcloud

blugreen.jpgyellowpastel 2.jpg

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Saludos, @d-pend. Mi impresión con respecto al enlace entre cada estrofa con una imagen es la siguiente:

La estrofa 1, puede enlazarse con la imagen 3, la estrofa 2, queda bien con la imagen 1 ,la estrofa 3 va bien con la imagen 2, la estrofa 4 concuerda con la imagen 4. Es decir:

Hojas enmarañadas en una espiral tensa
va con "Por ti"

Delicada pelusa del cabello de un bebé
va con "Conspiración"

Siempre vivo, rizo de torres,
va con "Sempervivum"

Tu fuente otoñal, vara de oro,
va con "Siente el sol"


Hola @zeleiracordero, gracias por seguirnos el juego! Tú eres [Participante #6.] Yo etiquetaré a todos los que participaron en un comentario mañana. Gracias por hacer tu entrada fácil de leer :-)


Gracias a ti @d-pend por hacernos desafiante el encuentro con el poema. Me parece maravilloso que me entiendas en español, a veces el traductor tergiversa lo que quiero expresar.


Cuando quieras, puedes escribirme en español. Me ayuda a mejorar mi capacidad un tanto deprimente en lo que siempre ha sido uno de mis idiomas favoritos. ¡No tengo suficiente práctica estos días! Hablar con poetas es ideal para ampliar el vocabulario, creo que xD


You guessed correctly!


Awwww... Yes! ¡Qué bueno! ¡Gracias, @d-pend!

1st stanza = photograph #3
2nd stanza= photograph #1
3rd stanza = photograph #2
4th stanza = photograph #4


Hi Safwat, thanks for taking a guess, you're [Participant #4.]
The results will be announced in a day or so; stay tuned :-)


You chose the correct answer :-)


No way! i doubted myself!! :)

Stanza one corresponds to image number 3
... taut spiral

Stanza two corresponds to image number 1
Delicate fuzz of infant's hair

Stanza three corresponds to image number 2.
Always-living, curl of towers

Stanza four corresponds to image number 4.
Thy fount autumnal, goldenrod

The beauty of this poem is in the strong personification and metaphor inherent in the last two lines of every stanza and the connection with the poet persona.


Congrats, you got it right, but two others answered before you :-)

Thanks for calling us to interact @d-pend,

This post topic may be considered poetry but I would also consider this topic education. Readers are engaged with a learning objective and offered motivation for learning. You are on your way to becoming a great teacher.

I'm pretty late for your contest but I will give my answers anyway.

Flower 1. The enduring clematis flower is wrapped up in a state of inactivity - stanza one
What does this flower say?

Flower 2. This sempervivum flower by name should live forever but when the flower blooms after many years the plant usually dies. Flower 2 fits stanza 2.

Flower 3. I like this flower the best. It stands like a high castle and yet floats like a lily in a pond. Stanza 3

Flower 4. These flowers will come around soon and are one of the symbols of autumn... stanza 4.

the altered dream of space and sod before my heart be spun

Thank you for your appreciation of nature's beauty and giving us a second to consider what formed them.

Thank you for an audio file. I think a few of us for sure wanted to hear it.

Enjoy your week^^


Hey Chris, thanks for playing along! Sometimes poetry can alienate people, and even little things to get people more engaged is beneficial for our community, I feel :-) You're [Participant #9.]

I appreciate the play-by-play so I can see your thought process. I'll tag everyone who guessed sometime tomorrow and reveal the answers/upvote these comments. You're very welcome, my friend. Have an excellent week, too!

What a brilliant idea!

1st stanza - photo number 1
2nd stanza - photo number 3
3rd stanza - photo number 2
4th stanza - photo number 4

That's how they matched in my head, lol. My favorite stanza is the 2nd one and my favorite photo is number 3, so maybe that's also why I put together these two, hmm... Anyways, this was so much fun! :D

Hope you're doing well! :)


Thanks! I did something similar once before and people seemed to like it. :-)

Got your entry, you are [Participant #2.]
This is fun seeing how everybody puts the puzzle together. :-D
I'll announce the correct answers in a day or so and upvote all the comments in order.

Have a great day!

image 1 corresponds to the first verse because the bud overlaps the spray to give the dawn of a new flower, the image 2 I assume that the second completes because of its delicate petals like fragile baby hair that ends up getting stronger with time, the 4 image to the 3 verse since everything is lost with the distance and the 3 image to the 4 verse for the image resembles a flower suitable for similar the resplendent sun


Hello @jaoscary I appreciate your entry! You're [Participant #5.]
It's also nice to see your thought process expounded in your answer.
In a day or so I'll announce the answers and upvote comments, cheers!

Greetings, @d-pend.
I think each stanza corresponds in order to each picure.
We can see the eye that formed them in the first picture ("Conspiration"), the quilted walls in the second ("Sempervivum"), the coronal flame in the third ("Because of you") and the golden rods of the 4th ("Feel the sun").


Thanks for the entry with those guesses @hlezama!
[You're participant #1]
I'll announce the answer in a day or so
and upvote all the comments in order of entrance :-)
Hope your day is going (relatively) well!


Thanks, @d-pend. Working on translation (tech stuff, no fun), made a parenthesis to play with your poem. That was fun.
You have a great day (hope weather does not get too bad in North Carolina).


Good luck on your work. This poem was a parenthesis for me, too—procrastinating my final online practicum to get my TEFL certificate.

To take advantage of the current lack of precipitation I'll likely go hiking, today. We're supposed to get hit hard by rain from the hurricane on Thursday or so. Might be cooped up for a while, but likely no danger, given that I'm higher up on the mountain. No danger of flooding where I'm at, luckily!


Good to know. Good luck with your TEFL certificate


Thanks :-)

Stanza one corresponds to image number 1
Leaves entangled in a tense spiral, a
Stanza two corresponds to image number 2.
Delicate lint from a baby's hair.
Stanza three corresponds to image number 3.
Always alive, curl of towers.
Stanza four corresponds to image number 4.
The lamp of space and the sun.

@d-pend Thank you for this beautiful challenge. I really enjoyed participating. The poetry is very beautiful. I hope to see your videos too. A great greeting friend. Thank you always for all the support you give us. A big hug.


Hey there @yeninsfer! Thanks for playing along. You're [Participant #7.] Stop by again tomorrow to see the answers revealed. I appreciate your kind words and positivity. You're very welcome :-D


@d-pend It is a very pleasant pleasure for me to always participate and learn poetry. It is good to look for the relation of each stanza with the images. I want to learn a lot of poetry from you friend. A big greeting.

I agree with @hlezama that the stanzas align with the order of pics:
1=1, 2=2 and so on.


Hi Kimberly, thanks for weighing in! You're [Participant #8.] Check back tomorrow when the answers are revealed :-)

stanza 1 = picture 2
stanza 2 = picture 1
stanza 3 = picture 3
stanza 4 = picture 4

p.s have yo given up on the reveal of the poetry challenge winners and all that jazz?


Thanks for the entry Tyger, you're [Participant #3.]
I'll make a comment on this post tagging everyone who guessed giving the answers in a day or so and upvote all the comments :-)

Haven't given up on tying up those loose ends, just a mixture of procrastination and other important things coming that pushed it down the priority list a bit. I want to get to it ASAP, so thanks for the reminder!

I also think these stanzas go in order with the pictures:)

By the way, thanks for the shout-out, I truly appreciate your support more than you know :)

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

Beautiful blue lotus @dpend sir ji.
Your choice is always superb. these are the symbol of beautiful happiness.
Let me Bloom first
Your choice is the best


Thanks sir ji for responding..🙏🙏

HAVE a nice Autumn .... from SEOUL.


Thank you very much for the benediction. May you have a lovely Autumn, too—from Boone, NC :-D


Appreciate it! Nice username lol


Glad you think so, my friend. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Pleased to meet you.


Glad you think so, my
Friend. Thanks for stopping by my
Blog! Pleased to meet you.

                 - d-pend

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Admittedly a haiku, though a rather terrible one xD


You're welcome @d-pend, I'm also very happy to know you

im just here for the poem.
whoah. sometimes its a struggle to write, and at other times it is a breeze. you make me appreciate the simplicity and complexity that you create.

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😍😍😍 Beautifully captured Sir

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