Original Song Title: Jonilyn (Pop, Upbeat, Soft Rock, Romantic) [Music]

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Upbeat, romantic, pop beat sure to get your toes tapping. Think about the first time you felt the sparks of love happen in your life. The chorus is super catchy, and you might end up humming it over and over.

Composed this song using Korg Gadget. Please enjoy.

Artist: @creativetruth
Title: Jonilyn
Year: 2019
Genres: #pop #soft-rock #romantic #rumba

This song has a story behind I think is also a bit fun to reminisce on.

When I was in college I met a person who caught my eyes. She always seemed to be smiling and full of energy and positivity, and I wanted that to be a part of my life, which was more somber at the time. What I discovered in only a few months was that many other of my friends were also smitten by her. Yet, nearly nobody was hitting on her to get her attention.

She was a music major at the time, and so most of her friends were understandably fellow music nerds. She had no idea most of the jocks had an interest in her, because none of them had any classes with her. Even though she seemed interested in wanting to date men, the silly girl spent most of her free time fawning over a boy who was 100% out of the closet gay. And he protected her fiercely and smothered her with attention in return.

Being on the same choir tour together, it afforded me more opportunities than other men to catch her attention here and there with some of my own charms. I was a ballroom dancer after all. When the string quartets were rehearsing, I often entertained some of the women out in the wings by dancing with them to waltzes and foxtrots.

It did not take me long to eventually muster up the courage to start offering her a few invitations here and there. Dinner at the cafeteria with her hallmates. Walking her to classes. Eventually taking her out on a few innocent dates to ask her about her future dreams.

Even though we weren't a perfect match, I still remember her ever-present smile and energy, and it still lights me up.

Originally this song was one simple chorus that kept repeating in my mind.

Jonilyn, Jonilyn
Why do you have to be afraid?

And a separate song also formed a totally different melody.

Bright golden sunsets, burning with passion and love.

These two unfinished songs have been stuck in my mind all of these years! Only this past week had I ever had the technology and time to finish composing the song, and they smashed together quite well. The chorus stayed mostly the same, and the other melody became the end of the bridge cascading into the always repeating catchy chorus. A couple of verse melodies were quickly composed to help tie the song together and give it some body, but lyrics have not yet been set for those parts.

Really happy with how the percussion and baseline turned out. I never imagined this would take on the feeling of an upbeat pop romance song. The beat really moves well and complements the melody. One of my better original songs, for sure!

Cover Image: Edited from source photo on pixabay

#softrock #slow-song #upbeat #music #song #creative #art #originalmusic

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