Original Song - Mirror, Mirror

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As a follow up to the song I posted last week, this tune deals with the same lyrical subject matter, yet with a twist: You can run from others, but you can't run from yourself.

When we confront issues, truly we are our own masters. Only we can confront the issues that plague us. We an accept help, we can receive help, we can ask for help, but ultimately we have our own responsibility.

Mirror, Mirror won't you leave them alone
Can't you see they're afraid of what you show?

Mirror, Mirror should they just run away?
They've packed all their bags but can't get out of this place

Mirror, Mirror what do you know?
Mirror, Mirror what will you show?

Mirror, Mirror another restless night
They'll be in prison 'till the morning light

Mirror, Mirror is it all a bad dream?
Inside your head no one can hear you scream?

Mirror, Mirror what's behind your face?
The age old question of the human race

Mirror, Mirror what do you know?
Mirror, Mirror what will you show?

Mirror, Mirror where can go?
Mirror, Mirror leave me alone


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Another good piece with some unique instruments, and a groovy, generally polished sound. Also, the addition of the backup vocals is a BIG improvement, and the additional effects (reverb, etc.) are also helpful. Two things I can see you working on next are the RHYTHME of the vocals/lyrics. For instance, the "Mirror, Mirror won't you leave them alone" line has good rhythme, whereas some other section seem to have some superfluous syllables which could be cut out to add simplicity/grace to the vocals. Of course, this is just my opinion. Ultimately, I think it is a matter og having not (yet) found your REAL VOICE, which is where the lyrics will come most naturally and harmoniously out. Every great band has had a lead singer who tapped into their REAL VOICE. I mean, what would "Guns N' Roses" be without Axl Rose's REAL VOICE, right? I think that some vocal/voice lessons woul be helpful in this regard... I've tweeted this one out here : https://twitter.com/TranscriptJunky/status/1005251313662382080


Much love for the tweet and for the well articulated, thoughtful feedback

Such great song mirror mirror tell me who am i? Mirror mirror what you want to show me?
Wow i made the song hahhaha
Thank you @cosmicvibration for share the song.