Interviewing @yabapmatt - Dsound Version !

in dsound •  3 months ago 

I'm really glad 2 months ago I interviewed one of the top witnesses @yabapmatt.

I'm really amazed from the work he is doing for the steem community.

Thanks to him we have that hepled so many investors in steem and creators to distribute and to buy upvotes.

He is also the main developer of the most active and known steem game @steemmonsters.

He is also the creator of ''Keychain'', the wallet and the extension that secures all your keys.

He is also working with @aggroed on tokenizing steem by improving and allowing so many steemians and communities to create their own tokens.

That's why I'm voting for @yabapmatt as a witness, because I think all his work will bring a bright future to our steem blockchain.

> You can vote on him here and check other witnesses as well :

Enjoy listening to the interview.

Watch the youtube version here :

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wow! he is a hero of steemit, steembottracker really help me lot, and he is very honorable for me..

I'm glad it helped you. So, you know now the creator of that. ☺