Interviwing @project7 - DSOUND version !

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In this recording I'm interviwing @project7 , the founder of @steemhunt. ( The co-founder is @tabris.) is one of the most active application on steem blockchain that rewards steemians for discovering products.

For more details about the economy, check this website :

The managers of the project are : @jayplayco (community manager) and @mtimetraveller (social manager).

@teamhumble and @fruitdaddy are mentioned in the interview.

In the interview @project7 shared how he joined steem, what he thinks about sit, how @steemhunt was created and about their plans in the future.

@steemhunt recently launched a new product called Reviewhunt. It's an ultimate launching hub for product makers.

For more details check : and don't miss to sign-up today.

You can sign-up as a maker or as a hunter at the same time.

The project is really huge and it's a great promotion for steem blockchain among investors.

Follow @steemhunt in twitter here :
Join their discord server here :
Telegram :

Enjoy listening.

Watch the youtube version here :

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