Interviwing @fredrikaa - DSOUND version !

in dsound •  2 months ago 

In this recording I'm interviwing @fredrikaa the creator of @steempress.

The co-founder is @howo.

Steempress is a great tool that you can use to link wordpress website to steem blockchain.

I think this application is really important for us and we need to support the team more.

Here is the link to install the plugin :

@fredrikaa is the co-founder of the Steem Business Alliance @steemba as well.

@steemba is created by a great collaboration of @oracle-d, @steempress, @steemhunt, @fundition and @utopian-io.

Follow @steempress in twitter here :

Join the discord server here :

Enjoy listening.

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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