CineLonga-Chasing For Luck Mix [GLORY]

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CineLonga-Chasing For Luck.jpg

Premium Deep House Sounds

Wanna Start The Trip? Chase For Luck

CineLonga-Chase For Luck.gif

click here to listen to the mix

Feel The Vibe, Enjoy The Sound!
And Yes, There Is Still Goodness To Be Found!

Mixed by CineLonga With Love and Passion!

Red Four Cubes Squishy.gif

Here Is The Tracklist;

Tim Penner - Shadow Light (Original Mix)
Richie Blacker - Éire (Original Mix)
Tunnelvisions - Umai's Dance
Theo Kottis - Same Old
Synthetic vs. Valys - Hyperion (Original Mix)
Theo Kottis - Sky
J Lannutti - Strong Winds (David Devilla & Jonathan Calvo Remix)

credits to the batjorge for the cover art


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