wooow Breezin,
thats really a lovely one!
And the sound of your voice is really appealing to me,
would be great if you would have also written it down here in that post :))

all the best from germany,
cant wait to hear some more,
yours jojo (:

Hey there @johannesburghart I am really glad that you enjoyed it. With my previous d-sound poetry post, I ended up making two posts because of this. Is there a way that you can put the writing directly on your d-sound post?

the sound is very @jhoni likes, so beautiful and melodious, i heard more 3 times, and will hear continue, thanks @breezin. 😊😊😊

Thanks for your submission @breezin!

just a pleasure @scuzzy!

We like your pics kindly you gave me upvote

Beautiful entry, well written and presented and awell deserved win.

personally, I believe that had it not been for the lateness, you would have kicked my ass solidly! I don't even think there is a polite way to say it - I listened to yours and I just broke out it goosebumps - it was that amazing. None the less, Will I be seeing you in the next round? I certainly hope so!!

congrats on the win! its a lovely piece!!

Thank you ever so much!