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This is the 2nd single from our debut album. The story goes: guy sleeps at a wrong apartment, he shoudn't have come here in the first place. He wakes up. He's hungover and mad from jealousy. His anxiety is pulsating. Reality is slimy, painful and agitating. He grabs a guitar, sings a song about someone copulating, behind the scenes, secretly, but it cracks his skull like a friggin hammer. He would rather have this realization amputated from his brain, but it's done, he knows, and can't do nothing about it. He records this state of mind on his phone. There is a single theme on the guitar, he adds some sort of banging just to have a bit of groove. The sketch grabs people's attention. The feeling pierced through. A year and a half later, song gets proper treatment, gets recorded in a studio and put on the album. We record a video for it. This is your mind's eye.

For the rest of the tracks, check out

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it's wonderful, innit?