Meet The Steemians: Episode 22 - @churdtzu Full Circle Part 2

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Meet The Steemians

Episode 22: @churdtzu Full Circle Part 2

Yo Yo my Steemies, Wattup?

Welcome to episode 22 of my weekly audio podcast series, Meet The Steemians.

Meet The Steemians is where you can get to know your fellow Steemians, in a relaxed, organic, casual conversation, where the agenda is; no agenda.

Tonight's episode continues on, from where we left off in last weeks episode;

Meet The Steemians: Episode 21 - @churdtzu Full Circle Part 1


Tonight's special guest, a very dear friend of mine, a fellow seeker, and the person responsible for my presence on the blockchain, is Kurt Robinson, or @churdtzu, on the blockchain.

I previously interviewed Kurt, in episodes 04 and 05, of Meet The Steemians, shortly after his deportation from Mexico.

This episode, is fresh from his return to Mexico (thus full circle), and as always, Kurt delivers the goods, in an incredible discussion on life (just, not as we know it Jim), the universe, and everything.

Please enjoy.


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If you would like to be a guest on Meet The Steemians, then let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on discord Bobaphet#5613

As always, please let me know your thoughts, in the comments below.

Think, Believe, Achieve.



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