741Hz Solfeggio Root Chakra Meditation Monaural Beats+Isochronic Tones

in dsound •  8 months ago

Headphones are NOT required!!! It takes about 6 minutes for your brain to initially adjust to the frequencies and then after about 20-30 minutes you will start to feel amazing. The volume you listen at does not matter so I would recommend listening at a low volume. Listen to this track every day for the best results. This brainwave entrainment incorporates both monaural beats and isochronic tones. These hertz frequencies are associated with solving problems of any nature, promotes self-expression and solutions, clean the cells and organs from toxins, promotes a healthy and simple life, intuition, multidimensional awareness, the root chakra, DNA repair, past life regression, spinal column, physical energy, and the will to live. A base frequency of 741Hz and a beat frequency of 8Hz are used.
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After a long day of editing, this is exactly what I needed.