Panther Pavilion - (Improvisation)

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I made this completely improvised song with @infamousit and our friend Oliver.
We call our trio "Panther Pavilion".
RAWR.... or..... ROAR.....
idk what panthers do.

This song was Panther Pavilion's contribution to "the Bipolar Chronicles: Chapter i". A collaboration album by our multimedia artist collective, Bipolar Entertainment, that can be heard (in order) on Spotify. Due to the multiple genres expressed throughout the project, we coined the term JazzrockHoptronifunk. VERY SOON the "the Bipolar Chronicles: Chapter **ii**" shall be released into the mighty jungle we call Earth. Maybe space too. **Panthers in Space.** That HAS to be a song name. I CALL IT.

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

The logo looks like Its Greenland flag buddy hehe

HAHA omg, you're so right. GO GREENLAND.
Are you from there?

....BAHAHA jk.
Thanks for stoppin by!

Yes im from Greenland :))) Go #GL

cool track with giggling guitars 🎸

well hey! Thank ya kindly

liking the guitar, bell sounds and percussions a lot. great work

Thanks man!

Some great Collaboration, i love the synthesis of creative folk coming together...the sum of the parts and all that.. sweet soft santana-esque .nice!

Thanks brotha! yeeesss, ze collaborations and ze source energies and stuffs :3

Great mix of sounds and styles with a cool smooth vibe, nice one!

Preciate ya! (bows)

hahaha so good to hear this again. good times, good jams!


this is so chilled, very nice

Aye, thanks!
much love.

Cool work! Some amazing things happen when cool musicians get together! hehe

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

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