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I had your track playing in the background whilst reading other posts and didn't know what to expect. I enjoyed it and is something that I find relaxing. Nice track.


Thanks man! I'm glad you enjoyed it

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Cool! Dark and minimalist! great track, dark side!


Thank you my friend! regards!

Nice oldschool techno sound👍👏

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Thanks man!

I got lost listening to this track which is a compliment.


Thanks friend! The idea is to get lost in the sounds and enjoy them

When I first came to this post, I read the "Acid melodic temperamental carnival. Enjoy this deep and dark techno sounds" line and expected maybe a cyber/robotic ost sounding version of Silent Hills or Amnesia set in a modern-abandoned carnival. Listening through I shall admit this upfront: I did like the track for what it is. To bring it back to the context of the post, especially the title, I feel as if this particular song is more appropriate for like the scenes/moments after the second encounter with the first monster you face in the carnival.

What do I mean? If we were to place this song, especially it is appropriately deep and techno (dunno on dark), in a game, then it would be a song to push the player forward. To give them a sense of determination that yes they can overcome the obstacles further ahead and that these creatures will not absolutely shred the protagonist to pieces within the first five minutes of the encounter.

To go back to the post, I didn't felt the darkness in this. Not even the "darker and edgier"-ness of the song. Just felt deep and techno, then again I have heard darker songs (that were dark and not "darker and edgier"). For example, from Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion, the song "Breakfast was too early" as I shall video below. You can feel the hunger, dread and child-ness all in one while feeling they all gel up together well. Not to even dare suggest the song here doesn't function nor gels up, but to suggest something that the reference song I pulled up is implicitly deep while explicitly dark (with some techno-synth in it).

Happy steeming and create more music!


I mean the dark because it enters an environment of distortion and depth, if it is something in between, it is a different reference to the dark, but thanks for your comment! I appreciate!


Hmm, I would use the word “distorted” but I can see how that can make people feel iffy about music in that context. On that point, context truly is a killer or queen on any given day. Anywho, welcome for the comment ^^